To Admit

So, she paints her face white
Looks deep in the mirror
To see if there is
anything there

"Am I worthy?"
"I am afraid."

She blesses herself
To prove she is clean
Then drinks back the wine
and takes the bread
She finally admits
who she is

A mystery


  1. Nice poem Janet. Is it about a geisha?

  2. Lovely words and images. Yes I like this very much.


  3. Thank you Marc and Melanie. To answer your question Marc, I will paraphrase Ezra Pound; the meaning of this poem is between God and myself, and I have forgotten.

    I really like to hear how readers interpret my words though - much appreciated.

  4. This would be my favorite. Thanks you Janet.

  5. My favourite.
    What a beautiful poem and a great ending, good luck with all your work :) xx


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