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Mar 24/09

In search of wisdom and contentment, I start yet another journal - this one dedicated to truth and lies, poems and prose - me.

I want

My father died still in want
It is spring and the land is wanting
what lies beneath
not wanting to be found

I want

In want to be larger than life
Yet want to shrink away into nothingness
In want of a child
In want of Love
To be Loved
To Love

I want

Janet Jarrell


  1. This may be one of the most beautiful pieces I've ever read here. =)) I'm happy you wrote it. I'm also happy to tell you I got your letter this week and I've already replied it. I love your handwriting, it is so 'you'. =)) Hope you get mine soon. You made me a lot happy. Thank you. Kiss you cheeks wishing you all the best, all the time. =*

  2. I really liked this Janet. Looking forward to others.

    I zoomed by BelleVegas on the train the other day, I waved but I am guessing you didn't see it :) Take care and talk soon!

  3. Very poignant. There are some raw emotions in between the words. Very beautiful.

  4. Intense poem Janet. Powerful emotions I felt as I read it...especially in the repetition of the word "want"...ten times...appropriate for the feelings of want. A great marriage of words and feelings!

  5. I love the simplicty and truth of this poem
    I can definitely relate to the wanting

  6. Thank you Kenia - in an honest moment - this is powerful.

    Bill - I may not have seen you wave - but I heard about it - B.V. is so small! Ha Hope to see you soon.

    Thank you Cynthia and Mike - I have been reviewing my journal - and finding it poetic.

    Welcome bookaddict - and for the record - I can relate to your book passion.

  7. Yes, nice poem Janet, and I can relate with the mixed feelings life throws up.

  8. To be loved
    To love..

    interesting set of lines :)


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