Uriel's Gaze

I feel You gazing at me
What message do You scribe
From what divine source do You abide
Uriel, sitting with St. Peter, amidst the heavens
From Your divine source I shall abide
The message You do scribe
Feel me staring back at You

By Janet Jarrell

Still gazing at The NaiSaiKu Challenge


  1. Hi Janet, I'm Gazing, you're amazin'!
    Nicely written poetry!!

    Thanks for playing along!

  2. I love your poetry. It makes me float in the air. You're the sweetest thing ever.

    I've written that post about Brazil I promised you. Have you seen it?

    I'm going to talk about Fate this week and answer your e-mail. Take care girl!

    All my love!

  3. that reminds me to take up this challenge myself ! and i love your takes so very much !! very creative :)

  4. Janet,

    I'm starting a new blog with a friend who's a damn good writer, here's the address


    We're going to post in English only and we'd both love to have you following it and spreading you love there, too. It's all about poetry and other pieces of writing. Hope to see you there.

    Kiss your cheeks!

  5. Andy - that was very sweet of you.

    Stan - very definitive - thank you for noticing.

    Thank you lostmermaid - I'll be watching for yours.

    Dear Kenia - love to hear from you as always - thank you for the invite, I am heading right over...

  6. First, I would like to thank you for visiting my blog with a beautiful comment for me to reflect again and again…

    I love this poetry in this post; I think you should feel me staring back at You

  7. Magic - I am liking that.

    There is something nice about your stare Printemps - thank you.


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