Lambent Lament

The golden rod has returned
To the lambent field
It stretches high, higher everyday, waiting
In the lambent field
As the golden rod has returned

By Janet Jarrell


  1. Your NaiSaiKu poems are so soft and they bring so much peace to my heart. Life truly needs observance.

    Love your writing, beautie!

  2. Love your Lambent lament! And when I screw my eyes up,funny, I can see the golden rod!

    Sorry I was away last week, I would have liked to have read this earlier.
    -Andy Sewina

  3. Lovely blog you have here. Just as I logged on yesterday my sister called from the road, so I don't recall whether or not I left a comment on the poem in your newest post... and I didn't see this post, but I'm back today to do just that. Thanks so much for your visit to and comment on my first NaiSaiKu attempt at Small Reflections. I write lots of Haiku with my photos and mosaics, so this seemed a 'natural' for me. I thoroughly enjoyed your colorful yellow blossoms and your Lambent lament. I suspect I'll participate again because this was fun.
    Hugs and blessings,

  4. Thank you all for connecting with this. It is a small bit of a longer, quite special lament still in progress - to be continued...


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