Finding "The"

As I sat at the piano

Counting my fingers through

The basic notes

I felt someone with me

It was Hannah Schmitz

And she was counting her words

To The Lady With the Little Dog

It was the same.

Her young lover was teaching her.

Again, same.

Now, I am on my own

As she was on her own

And I am finding 'the' on the piano.
By Janet Jarrell


  1. This is beautiful and makes me thought about 'being alone'.

    Can you really play the piano? This is a rare gift in Brazil, I mean among regular people.

    All my love.

  2. Cleverly done, they say that 'What goes around, comes around!'


  3. Kenia, my girls are musically gifted and have taken piano for years - now they are teaching me - I am a beginner!

    I am sure you are right Andy, and I am waiting patiently for that.



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