Shine On Me

(dreamer by neslihans)

Summertime, a favourite past time
The favourable past we attempt to live by
Which haunts us so
We icon against Marilyn herself

What was done, has been undoneAdd Image
It's undoing now done
And so I, too, am done.

The favourable past, which must be left in the past
As now IS our favourable time to live by

By Janet Jarrell

The NaiSaiKu Challenge


  1. a new twist to the naisaikus !! i liked this style :)

  2. Summertime, phew! a bit of a tongue twister!!

  3. Thank you all for checking in - this did not sound like a tongue twister in my head, nor did it appear to be when I wrote it down and scibbled all around it on the paper...then I read it. Funny twist.

  4. Though I'm not a big fan of summertime, I liked your lines a lot. The twist feels like a big hug!

    Kiss on the tip of your nose!

  5. I know, I know - me again!! It's just to tell you that there's an award for you in Poesia Torta. Kiss your eyes!

    Love from Brazil!

  6. i love this summertime...thanks for that comment...Thanks Kenia for introducing me to a new friend...


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