To admit (con't)

Before bed,
she painted her face
she wore her mask to bed
so no one would know her
                    in her dreams

She dreamt of painting
and dancing
Of speaking to Jesus
Of dating a woman
And writing
                the truth

All of these things
made her happy
As she slept


  1. It must be a very tranquil feeling that she had...I'd like to have that feeling too. thanks for this Janet!

  2. Dreams help us rationalize from a reality, to what could be. I believe all things are possible in dreams, and in reality if we believe. Do those in our dreams really know who we are? I took my mask off long ago. Very nice.

  3. A mask turn to all shades
    as the day turns to night
    under so many layers your true face lies
    now you fail to find it out..


  4. I love this poem and I love this blog! I'll be back...

  5. I just came here I don't know from where and I liked what I've found.

    Nice ideas, good poem.

  6. I absolutely love the first stanza of this poem. It is so powerful! Well done!



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