Chaos in her life


The new bookkeeper looks disheveled
– she is about my age but her eyes are tired.
She smiles at times
but it appears forced.
For the most part, her expression is less
– expressionless;
and as she sits like that
the corners of her mouth turn down just slightly
– enough to suggest some complacency
and slight unhappiness.
There is no real effort.
Janet Jarrell


  1. YOu're a poetical observer. No wonder everything you say turns into poetry.

    Much love.

  2. That is really a sweet and simple poem! Your words are awesome!

  3. Yes, Kenia, I see people, it is a passion.

    PS - This person in particular was unassuming to most, which made her melancholy that much more powerful.

    Just someone (special I must add) - and Jeeves - thank you for encouraging me on.


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