Poesia Torta

With special permission, I am posting a beautiful poem from Kenia, a fellow avid blogger, writer and poet (not necessarily in that order). The following poem, much to my absolute delight, was dedicated to me. I shared the poem with my children on Thanksgiving as a little toast during our dinner.

Kenia has a gift. She has the ability to express truth beautifully through words; what more could be asked from a writer. I love visiting her blog, reading her words, and seeing my own thoughts expressed skillfully in her poems, both in Portuguese and English. For a little taste of her inspiration…

Vou usar seus olhos alegres
Como armadura
Quando minha imagem no espelho
For difícil demais de olhar
E buscarei neles a bravura necessária
Para travar minhas intermináveis batalhas
E chegar em casa em tempo de
prepara-te o jantar

- Porque é exatamente isso
que as mães fazem
e você não ouse esquecer
que por trás de todo o metal
há um coração que pulsa por você.

I’ll wear your smiling eyes
As an armour
When my reflection on the mirror
Becomes too hard to look at
And I’ll seek bravery inside them
To fight my daily everlasting battles
And be home on time to make you dinner

- Because that's exactly what mothers do
And you don't dare to forget
behind all that heavy covering
there's a heart
that beats for you.


  1. I totally agree with you..this poem is stunningly beautiful.
    I love this blog, it's great that you've set up something that appeals to every poetry fan :)
    And thank you so much for your kind words.
    It's encouragement from people like you that always keeps me smiling and motivated :)

  2. It's such an honor you made room for a piece of me in this room of yours for poetry. Thanks for being the amazing friend you are Janet. I love you.

    Kiss your cheeks.

  3. Mizzholborow - and Just someone (special) - thank you so much for checking this out - and I encourage you to follow the link to Poesia Torta for more poetry.

    Kenia - thank you for sharing your words with me, my blog and my precious family.


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